New Environmental Management Act for Antigua and Barbuda
EA was engaged by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to prepare its governing law on environment. The law covers all aspects of environment including pollution control, energy, biodiversity, forestry, biotechnology, compliance and enforcement. The new law sets Antigua and Barbuda apart from the other OECS countries as regards the importance of law to sustainable development.

EA works with OECS Attorneys General and Parliamentary Counsels
Under the RRAC project EA together with CEHI prepared a Model Policy and Act for Water Resources Management for OECS countries. EA and its expert attorneys have been working to bring the Model Act to finality and early enactment. When completed the OECS will have an advanced legal framework for water resources that implements IWRM.

Reform of Development Planning Legal and Institutional Framework
Guyana, 2006

Leading a team in for an Inter American Development Bank project to draft a Physical Development Act for Guyana. The activity involves the development of a legal inventory, the drafting of a legal and policy framework and the preparation of draft and final reports. The team will deliver a training course to town planners in the Planning Authority.

Review of Environmental Assessment for establishment of
Macon-Bibb County Intermodal Transportation Facility and re-location of Macon Transit Authority

City of Macon Georgia, 2004.

The project reviewed environmental impact assessments for the renovation, re-location and development of a bus transfer station, including archaeological and historic elements. The proposed modifi cations were accepted and the project is presently being implemented.

Establishment of Legal and Policy framework for Environmental Management
Inter American Development Bank/Environmental Protection Agency

1999 to 2002

A team of Environmental Advisors/ICF Consulting, Virginia were responsible for the drafting of technical and legal policies and laws for air, water, noise, waste management all media. Environmental Advisors was a member of an expert panel to conduct the assessment/ review of numerous development applications, permits and licences.


EA prepares draft legislation for The Renewable and Alternative Energy Act of 2009

EA to conduct country assessment of legal and institutional framework

Barbados EPD obtains new Wastewater Regulations

Geothermal Law for St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Training: Conflict Resolution and Methods for Monitoring of Tourism Impacts on Biological Resources Resources



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