Caribbean governments are parties to several Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) each of which requires them to develop specific implementation mechanisms and fulfil obligations involving reporting, training, public education, and other activities. These MEA themes lie at the heart of global environmental issues such as CO2 reduction, eco-efficiency, land degradation, energy systems and technology innovation, all of which are closely linked to their economic development. In addition to preparing legislative drafts to facilitate national implementation, our legal practice also provides the legal and technical interpretations and background information to support MEA negotiations.


Our Areas of Expertise:
Legislative Drafting
Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Negotiations
Climate Change
Natural Resource Conservation
Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage
Environmental Justice
Women and the Environment
Environmental Audit and Compliance


EA prepares draft legislation for The Renewable and Alternative Energy Act of 2009

EA to conduct country assessment of legal and institutional framework

EA prepares Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for Tobago

Protected Areas Systems Plan for Antigua and Barbuda

Training: Conflict Resolution and Methods for Monitoring of Tourism Impacts on Biological Resources Resources



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